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What Can I DO to Make the Home Tour a GREAT Success?



Virtually every parishioner plays a role, either in focused preparations and/or on Tour day itself. The possibilities are endless, and lots of fun. Invite a family member or friend to volunteer WITH you, and it's a great way to welcome them into our parish life and the delight we experience in our community! Contact  or  or leads listed below for more information!


  • Home Host: Derelynn Kalafer,  (sign up for a morning or afternoon shift)

  • Ticket Sales: Leslie Hudak,  (sign up to help in the office during the week before the tour)

  • Pantry Prep: Myrtle Livingstone,  (let Myrtle know if you have mason jars and/or extra ripe fruit immediately, and if you can provide tea cookies or homemade treats for the Pantry the day before the Tour)

  • Marketplace Items/Prep:  Nicki Sharpe,  (Nicki's team has been working all year, but it's never too late to volunteer. Already have a craft ready? Help prep? Just check in to find how you might help.)

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